Journalist Report – January 16th

Freddy Alexander Castaneda Latorre 16Jan2019

SOL 4, we do not know whether to say: "… it’s already sun 4!" or "… it’s barely sun 4". We have a great physical and mental burden on our shoulders, tiredness overwhelms us and makes us think that we have been here much longer than what it has actually been, it is a common feeling among most members of the crew. The night was cold and the season dawned covered by a white layer of snow. Contrasting with the red of the desert, Mars surprises us with a deep mist that mixes with the ground and makes us lose sight of the horizon, the image is shocking, simply unforgettable.

Last night I slept more than usual, I succumbed to the powers of Morpheus, I believe that the distance between planets is not an impediment for him. We all get up, our commander prepares a delicious breakfast and when we get ready to work on our science projects the technical problems appear, the bathroom plays a trick on us but the team meets and faces the situation, problem solved; back to the projects.

The day, which dawned cold, became sunny. The temperature has been higher today than the previous days, once again lunch brings us all together in the habitat, delicious rice with tofu, vegetarian style for all today in honor of our XO, food without suffering! Digestion is not our strength, it conspires with fatigue and affects us all, my partners lose the fight, for the next 15 minutes I do not know anything about them, they are not here, they returned to earth in their dreams, the best way to travel when distance and time is an impediment.

The day is over and it is inevitable for me to think of home, nostalgia comes back to take over me as it happens every time the sun goes down, more and more suns away from what I love the most, my family. Far from my Tontina and Lalita, they do not know how much I miss them. A special greeting from Mars to Mrs. Geo and to all my family. Alejo, Liz, and Pablo … how much I miss to embrace them. I will see you all again, but not yet 😉

P.S. A "ñero" spirit goes around in the environment.

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