EVA Report – January 22nd

EVA # 6

Author: David Mateus

Purpose of EVA:

Show EVA protocols and part of MDRS to the journalist Sole Moller and his photographer Noel Spirandelli

Start time:

End time:


The purpose of this EVA was to show our EVA protocols and the most beautiful views of MDRS, so we decided to go to pooh´s corner with rovers and climb one of the hills. After Noel took a lot of pictures we came back to the hab, We parked the rovers at the hab and Oscar had to change his space suit.

Then we walked to Hab Ridge

Destination: we are going to Pooh´s Corner and after Hab Ridge (walking)

Coordinates: 517600 E, 425000 N and 518800 E ,425850 N

David Mateus, Oscar Ojeda, Freddy Castañeda, Hermes Bolívar, Sole Moller and Noel Spirandelli

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: To get to Pooh´s Corner we are going to take the Cow Dung Road 0110 to the north to get to that corner and Walking to Hab Ridge .

Mode of travel: Walking and Driving

Vehicles used: Spirit, Curiosity and Opportunity

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