EVA Report – January 23rd

Crew 203 EVA Report 23-01-2019

EVA # 7

Author: Liza Forero

Purpose of EVA:

Geologic recognition of the zone. Take samples and data for microbiology test and take some physic-chemical parameters of the ground using a LabQuest. The main parameters that are going to be taken are conductivity, pH, and temperature.

Geology recognition of outcrops, topographic highs, sediment, canyons, and lithology.

Start time: 13:00

End time: 16:00


The EVA was successful; the weather helped us today, it was sunny and there were no winds so we could walk and work in the best possible way. We arrived at Cow Dung Road a few meters of Zubrin’s Head, leave the rovers over the Road and started to walk at east till get to the North Pinto Hills. During the walk, we covered some geologic data. During the walk, we took samples that are going to be analyzed at the laboratory with the LabQuest. We described the lithology or the zone and found different types and colors of clays and clasts.

During the EVA there was no trouble with rovers or suits. When we finished the activity, we went back to the rovers and go back to the HAB. During the walk, we were taking pictures and the register of the stratigraphy of the zone.

Destination: North Pinto Hills (vehicle and walking).

Coordinates: 521000 E, 4248430 N

Participants: Liza Forero, Oscar Ojeda, Hermes Bolivar

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung road to the southeast till we get to the Pleiades Road where we will start walking to arrive at North Pinto Hills.

Mode of travel: Walking and Driving

Vehicles used: Spirit and Curiosity


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