EVA Report – January 30th

Crew 204 EVA #1 Report 30 JAN 2019

EVA # 1 (Afternoon)

Author: Avishek Ghosh.

Purpose of EVA: A general exploration. The crew 204 had an opportunity to participate in a photography session invited by a special guest Mr. Jad Davenport.

Start time: 14:00 hrs.

End time: 15:00 hrs.

Narrative: Although an unplanned EVA but, it was a wonderful opportunity to exhibit the MDRS crew’s preparation for the simulation. And also crew 204 feels honoured to participate in a session invited by personnel associated with a prestigious organization like National Geographic.

Destination: A low mountain region just after Pooh’s corner and before the Stream bed connector on Cow dung road, 0110.

Coordinates: X-518750; Y-4251250

Participants: Avishek Ghosh & Kunal Naik.

Roads and routes per MDRS map: Pooh’s Corner.

Mode of travel: Rover Spirit.

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