Sol Summary – February 4th

Crew 204 Sol Summary Report 04- FEB – 2019

Sol: 7

Summary Title: The Herb Garden Germination

Author’s name: Kunal Naik (Space_bot)

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: The most selfless living things are the plants. They just believe in giving essentials. For any interplanetary travel or living on other planet. They are the critical part of the life support system. They provide food, water, and oxygen, which are one of the essentials to sustain our self. Maintaining the Green Hab is a big task and an important one.

The crew woke up little late as EVA was cancelled due to strong winds. The roaring gust, the strong winds striking the hab is the only sound the crew is listening from last day on repeat mode. Sipping of Hot Chocolate and discussion over Veganism, MDRS Green Hab, Growing of Herbs via Aquaponic system escalated by an hour. The crew had brunch on Monday morning which is quiet a strange thing but its Mars! Anything, Anytime. The lunch was cooked earlier by Space Bot and Carbon flight as per the rotation while the other members cleaned the kitchen. The crew is facing some internet issues from last day which can be due to the weather but not a big problem.

Post lunch the crew started to work on their assigned projects. All the rover issues were solved, and the bot is ready to test offside with streamed AV. While Crew Commander, Crew Health and Safety Officer (Mars Bag) which were assisted by the Green Hab Officer (Cosmos) looking after old plants as well observing the new plants which were sowed recently in 8 different soil compositions.

A positive news from the Green Hab, the newly planted seeds are coming to life. The EVA was cancelled due to windy conditions, so its time was utilized for recreational activities. The crew has planned to watch a movie post dinner.

Look Ahead Plan: The 3D clay printer will be tested manually using different soil composition and printing some samples. The work on the child rover will be to test the complete system outdoor during a short EVA.

Finger crossed on weather and servers. The sprouts and mix seeds have already started showing good results. Hoping to observe proper growth.

Anomalies in work: None Encountered

Weather: Cloudy, Strong Winds

Crew Physical Status: Nominal

EVA’s location: Cancelled due to strong winds

Reports to be file: 1) Operations Report 2) Green Hab Report 3)
Journalist Report 4) Photos

Support Requested: None.

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