Journalist Report – February 8th

Crew 204 Crew Journalist Report 08-FEB-2019

Author: Sonal Baberwal

Title: When we left Earth!

Good Morning Earthlings! The final morning on this soil. Yes, we are returning back to the Earth. Probably the re-entry module has been aligned on the launchpad. But we will miss this place a lot. A completely new world! This isolation acted as a detox from the regular world. It was necessary to have self-analysis. A lot of things have been learnt from this mission.

Another morning starts where the crew had been involved in cleaning the Hab. we had the final two general purpose EVAs. the morning EVA was performed by the Commander and myself followed by the GreenHab Officer and the Crew Engineer.

The day passed by really quickly with no awareness of time! I would like to share a short poem I wrote for MDRS experience, pardon me if not up to date!

“The plants, the lab,
The rovers, the Hab.
The love, the care,
The friendship we share.
The food to cook,
The windows we look.
The signing in and signing off,
The mission support and Cap Com.
The EVAs we risked,
Yes, everything will be missed!”
~ Sonal Baberwal.

Congratulations to the Crew and the mission support for this successful mission. This is Sonal Baberwal, HSO and Crew Journalist reporting live for the last time from the upper deck of the Habitat and signing off on the final day! I wish very good luck and best wishes to Crew 205. Stay connected to hear new stories from Crew 205!

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