Sol Summary – February 5th

Crew 204 Sol Summary Report 05- FEB – 2019

Sol: 8

Summary Title: The Friendship Algorithm

Author’s name: Kunal Naik (Space_bot)

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: An Isolation is the best way to know yourself and your team. The friendship, the bond and the trust within yourself and on each other is one of the survival keys to any Space mission.

The gradual increase in trust, bond, and friendship between the crew has been visualized. The crew woke up as per their schedule. The roaring Martian gust has not stopped yet it’s been usual for the crew. Some cheezy pasta and hot chocolate for breakfast does not seem to be
a bad combination. Today’s topic of discussion was Geo-Politics! It’s good to gather knowledge and know the perspective of others.

By Pre-Lunch, SpaceBot and Carbon Flight had a technical support call from India for the rover project. The rover had a minor issue with its left wheel slippage which was resolved at the earliest. The lunch was cooked by

Carbon Flight and Mars Bag while the other members cleaned the kitchen and synced well with other. Post Lunch the crew started to work on their assigned projects. The positive news from the Green Hab, the newly planted seeds are sprouting well. The EVA around the hab was
done by SpaceBot and MarsBag. The purpose was to test the rover outdoor. The test was successful. The system worked well. Got some good photos from the rover. The crew has planned to watch a space movie post dinner.

Look Ahead Plan: The 3D clay printer will be tested manually using different soil composition and printing some samples (will start from 6th Feb). The work on the child rover will be to operate the rover from India. Finger crossed on weather and servers. The sprouts and mix
seeds have already started showing good results. Hoping to observe proper growth.

Anomalies in work: None Encountered

Weather: Cloudy, Strong Winds

Crew Physical Status: Nominal

EVA’s location: Cancelled due to strong winds

Reports to file: 1) Operations Report 2) Green Hab Report 3)
Journalist Report 4) Photos 5) Science Report

Support Requested: None

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