Journalist Report – February 11th

Crew 205 Crew Journalist Report 11-FEB-2019 Sol 1

Author: Maria Grulich

Title: One small step…

Today we woke up on Mars! The weather looks great, the Red Planet is really showing us its best side. We are just not sure what the white crystal soil is outside…

The morning was preparing for our first crew EVA: Daniel (HSO), Dave (XO), Hannah (COMMS) and Nathan (GHO) are ready to step on Mars to explore the wonders of the Red Planet. Due to the unexpected white crystal soil, crew 205 was instructed to a different location closer located to the hab, near the rock formation known as the “Kissing Camel”. Maria (Media) was in the role of Hab Control as EVA support.

The EVA started with getting into the rovers which seems to be challenging to get used to, due to the size of the space suit (described as “a mid-western barn” by our XO). Once at the location, the new habitants of Mars collected their first samples. These samples will be used later for growing plants in the base’s GreenHab. Communication between Hab and EVA1 crew was difficult due to issues with microphones and distortion.

The second EVA at 1500 with Natalia (Commander), Ghanim (Astro), Veronica (Engineer) and Maria (Media) was supported by Daniel and Hannah as Hab Control. The sun was shining and walking on the red planet was a lot harder than expected. The EVA2 crew members collected another sample.

Earlier than expected the crew experienced rising temperatures in their suits and increasing fog affecting the view. The EVA2 crew therefore decided to return early to avoid overheating. Walking on Mars seems to be easier than it actually is.

The support crew was ready to welcome them with water to cool everyone down.

The lesson for the following days is to reduce the number of layers EVA crews wear, as due to the additional weight of the space suits the body temperature is raised naturally and less warm clothing is needed.

The day was closed with our first dinner on Mars serving mashed potatoes, spam and the first harvested carrots of the Green Hab!

We are very excited for the days to come and hope that we keep the spirit up!

Ad Astra!

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