Sol Summary – February 11th

Sol: 1

Summary Title: First day

Author’s name: Natalia Larrea

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Today was the first day of sim. We woke up looking at the snowy Martian landscape from our small windows in the Hab. Slowly, we are adapting to the life here. We are getting familiar with our new home and our new crew family. We began the day by removing the snow from the ground in the tunnels and enjoying breakfast all together. Today we had the opportunity to experience our first EVAs. The snow however, introduced some changes to our initial plans. The first EVA team scheduled in the morning, originally planning to reach the White Moon area, was redirected to Kissing Camel Ridge. The team conducted some sample collection and explored the area. The second EVA team in the afternoon headed to North Ridge. Due to the hot weather, the team came back earlier than expected. We learned the challenges of moving around with the spacesuit under the “Martian” sun. Meanwhile, we started our project on food production in regolith; although it was challenged with some issues with the autoclave. We harvested some of the carrots from the GreenHab. We also performed our first astronomical observation (we expect to download the data later today).

In the evening, we did inventory of the food that we received today (shipped form “Earth”), arranged the kitchen and held our daily crew meeting. Tonight, a nice dinner including those Martian harvested carrots is waiting for us!

Looking Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we plan to also conduct two EVAs following the original plans scheduled for today: one team will head to The Moon area; the second team will head to North Ridge. We will test the drones for our EVA navigation projects, continue regolith sample collections, and continue working on the other research projects and duties (including photometry astronomical analysis, GreenHab and outreach activities).

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Light snow on the ground in the morning. Clear skies all day long.

Crew Physical Status: Nominal


EVA#01: 4249300,518100

EVA#02: 4250500, 518400

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, EVA request, EVA Reports, Operations Report, Greenhab Report, Journalist Report, HSO report, Mission plan, Astronomy Report.

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