Journalist Report – February 13th

Crew 205 Crew Journalist Report 13-FEB-2019 Sol 2

Author: Maria Grulich

Title: Water, Water, Everywhere

After our Spanish night yesterday, the girls decided to open the first water-efficient hair wash salon on Mars. It felt like on Earth we just had to skimp on the extra products 🙂

After this, the crew woke up refreshed and ready to tackle another day on Mars, including another 4 hour EVA. Dave, Hannah, Veronica, and Nathan left at 10:25 to go towards Candor Chasma. Exploring the cannon, they found beautiful rocks which seemed to be perfectly smooth, a sign of past liquid water. Dave and Nathan seemed to be bighorn sheep in their former life climbing up the Martian mountains.

The team achieved all its objectives and even had time to take some pictures.

The Hab team checked all EVA suits and replaced several batteries to make sure that all EVA suits are working properly before going out.

At 15:00 the second EVA had the plan to go up the mountain and take some samples and fly the drone to take pictures of the terrain. Unfortunately, the wind picked up and we decided not to take out the drone. Still, we planned to collect samples of stratified layers.

Once we stepped out and climbed the first hills the weather changed, and the team could only collect one sample out of the planed 4 of the stratified layers.

The team returned after 50 min. The fog inside the helmet made it very hard to climb down the mountain. Still, the day will be used to do an analysis of the samples, to prepare astronomy observation, maintain the Hab, water the GreenHab, and start the first videos about life on Mars. We also met yesterday’s goal of using only one loft tank of water.

One lesson learned is that data and water are currently our most precious resources and more measures to protect these resources have to be taken.

After the work is done and all reports are submitted the crew 205 will have a movie night.

Ad Astra!

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