Greenhab Report – February 15th

Crew 205 Green Hab Report – 15-FEB-2019

GreenHab Officer: Dave Masaitis

Environmental control: Heating and Cooling w/ ambient air (5 hrs)

Shade Cloth (40%)

Average temperatures:

Low: 17.2 °C

High: 25.1°C

Hours of supplemental light: 5 Hours

Daily water usage for crops: 12 gallons

Water in Blue Tank: ~ 240.5 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops:


1) 09:18 AM 21.3° C / 49%
2) 12:00 PM 23.1° C / 32%
3) 15:03 PM 22.5° C / 24%
4) 18:11 PM 18.7° C / 27%

Changes to crops: A pot of “Mystery Greens” was planted(see narrative below). A. Thaliana was planted in regolith-type substrates according to the mission plan.

Narrative: The door to the GreenHab was opened at 0954 hrs, due to an observed temperature of 25ºC. The Smoke/CO Detector began chirping an error code at 1018 hrs, so the GreenHab Officer notified the Health and Safety Officer and Crew Engineer, and then replaced the two ‘AA’ batteries. A test was performed on the detector, and it was remounted on its bracket. The GreenHab Officer spent the morning performing an inventory of the MDRS Seed Bank, only to find that some of the seed packets had been spilled in the can. The GreenHab Officer had a working lunch, in order to get the loose seeds re-sorted by type, and placed back into appropriate packets. Only one variety did not have a corresponding packet, and those seeds appeared to be a microgreen mix, so the GreenHab Officer discussed the matter with the Commander, and then planted the loose seeds in a pot labeled “Mystery Greens.” The crew intends to positively identify this group before departing MDRS and will be capable of reporting the group’s progress. The Comms Officer stopped by to assist with the removal of 200g (wet mass) of dead carrot biomass, as well as the harvesting of 2g of sage. The GreenHab door was closed at 1418 hrs, due to excessive wind gusts, and reopened at 1437 hrs to resume temperature regulation as winds calmed. The door was closed again by 1530 hrs as winds picked back up, but exterior thermo-regulation was no longer required. The MDRS Seed Bank Inventory was digitized by common name, scientific name, and cultivar based on information given on seed packets, and will be continuously improved prior to departure of Crew 205.

Harvest: 2g sage, 200g dead carrot biomass

Support/supplies needed: GreenHab Officer requests ziploc baggies to better organize open seed packets in the seed bank, and prevent future spilling of loose seeds from opened packets

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