Journalist Report – February 15th

Crew 205 Crew Journalist Report 15-FEB-2019 Sol 5

Author: Maria Grulich

Title: New Crew member…

Today we had no EVAs scheduled due to the rainy weather conditions of last night. This means we had time to focus on our science objectives and for the crew journalist to start to interviews the crew. Today’s commander is Nathan with Veronica as XO.

Yesterday Natalia found a Martian during the EVA! As we did not know if the Martian will be friendly or not, we had to keep the little guy in isolation. Today Natalia approached him and named him Gus. Gus seems to be a very friendly Martian and happy to follow us on all our activities.

In the morning Gus followed crew astronomer Ghanim around who explained to him everything about variable stars and how to observe them with the telescope we have here at the hab. Later on, he was very interested in the Science Dome and helped Nathan analyzing his rock samples.

In the Green Hab Gus checked out how we grow plants on Mars and how Dave is planting new seeds. Gus also learned how we maintain the Hab and the space suits by following Veronica around. The space suits were so interesting that Gus wanted to try one on and Hannah gave him a radio and Gus tried on a space suit. He also talked to Daniel and he learned everything about safety and what it takes to be a Mars astronaut.

Gus is now our newest crew member and you will see him around as he wants to learn more about our habitat and Mars.

Ad Astra!

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