EVA Report #8 – February 16th

Crew 205 EVA Report 16 FEB 2019

EVA #08

Author: D. Robson, Executive Officer

Purpose of EVA: Terrain familiarization and sample collection

Start time: 0930

End time: 1200

Narrative: With the weather remaining favourable overnight and the ground being safe to walk on, it was decided that EVA 08 would go ahead as approved and planned. The team began pre-EVA preparations at 0845 hrs, and entered the airlock for depressurisation at 0923 hrs. The team of 4 headed North from the hab towards North Ridge and encountered no problems on the way to the foot of the cliff. A route, separate from 1103, was found up to the top of the ridge. The crew here decided to split into teams of 2 at around 0945, with one covering the lower areas of the cliff for sample marking, while the other completed the ascent to obtain samples from the top and take photos for outreach. Communications were maintained between both teams and the Hab, and the ascent was completed safely by 1011, by D. Masaitis and D. Robson. Two samples were taken from top of North Ridge, and the team at the bottom found a “rock garden” around the ESE of North Ridge at 0518790/4251422. This rock garden has been nicknamed “Hadland’s Garden”, after our GreenHab Officer and his dauntless quest for regolith and interesting rock samples.

Once the operation on the top of North Ridge was completed, the team of 2 were guided down the slope by the ground team of N. Hadland and G. Alotaibi, who had already identified the safest route while sample location. The teams rejoined at the bottom of North Ridge safely at 1050.

From here the full EVA team began taking samples from around the base of North Ridge and the newly identified rock garden area. Sample collecting was finished by 1130, and the team returned to MDRS by 1141 for re-pressurisation.

Destination: North Ridge, South side base and summit

Coordinates: 0518350/4251450

Participants: Daniel Robson (XO), Nathan Hadland (GHO), Dave Masaitis (ENG), Ghanim Alotaibi (ASTRO)

Roads and routes per MDRS Map: Walking parallel to route 1103, before ascending North Ridge and exploring East along its base

Mode of Travel: Walking Only

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