Journalist Report – February 16th

Crew 205 Crew Journalist Report 16-FEB-2019 Sol 6

Author: Maria Grulich

Title: The Fellowship of Mars

Once upon a time there was a small hole in a ground, also known as the MDRS, in Hobbiton just reachable over one main airlock. It will take travelers a long way to reach that little door in the hills and not many people dare to make that journey across the desert, therefore Hobbiton was left alone and isolated. The habitants of Hobbiton lived peacefully for a long time before the shadows reached them and all EVAs seemed to have a curse to them.

Rumors rumbled in the underground and the powers of good in Middle Mars were wondering what curses begot these shadows.

Frodo, aka Ghanim, who lived in the Shire of MDRS in Hobbiton, got a ring on Valentine’s Day and it seems something was whispering during the night. Gandalf aka Atilla, a Wizard from the South, was a good friend of Frodo’s and had secret knowledge of the ring and he knew to whom this ring belongs: Sauron a witch master from the dark times. He who seems to manipulate all EVAs from the fire mountain on North Ridge. It seems he built a ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them. This ring has to be destroyed.

A secret meeting was held in MDRSshire and the Fellowship of Mars was formed. Together with Gandalf and master Elrond aka David, the powers of good of MDRS of Middle Mars, a mission was planned.

Today the Fellowship of Mars woke up ready to leave the shire of Hobbiton.

Four brave members of the Fellowship 205 dared to take that journey to conquer the fire mountain and to throw that ring into the fires where it was made so it cannot reach out with its power to Hobbiton and cancel more of our EVA’s.

The four members of the Fellowship of Mars were: Dave aka Gimli, Daniel aka Legolas, Nathan aka Sam and Ghanim aka Frodo. They left at 0930 this morning to conquer the fire mountain: North Ridge and to throw that ring into the fires where it was made.

Determined, they set off ready to face the devil that came from that mountain. With fast steps they reached the bottom of the mountain but half way up Frodo felt the burden of the ring. Sam stayed therefore with Frodo on the bottom to take more samples of that mountain to learn all about its geology to know what the Fellowship is dealing with. Gimli with his axe grew up in the mountains and Legolas with his elf feet could easily master the difficulties of the North Ridge. As the fastest of the group they decided at the end to go alone to make up the best way to bring Frodo and the ring up one day.

Once they reached the top the other four members of the Fellowship: Arwen aka Veronica, Eowen aka Hannah, Tauriel aka Maria, and Galadriel aka Natalia, observed the Fellowship and their successful return.

For the afternoon Arwen, Tauriel, Eowen and Galadriel had another mission to save Middle Mars. They wanted to take out the drone to take pictures of the land as there seemed to be another myth about a dragon in the mountains of kissing camels. The four girls of the Fellowship of Middle Mars were sent out to an observation mission. Arwen and Tauriel took Opportunity towards the mountains whereas Eowen and Galadriel took Spirit. Shortly after they left Hobbiton the EVA suit of Eowen had a problem which had to be fixed by Galadriel and Tauriel the two Elves of the group.

Once they reached the Kissing camels Eowen as the experienced mountain girl from North Carolina, lead the group up the mountain for Arwen to fly the drone over the land of Middle Mars. Tauriel had the task to document the terrain with pictures.

The rocks and the fog made it harder for the four to reach the summit, but after a while they found the secret path to take. Proud, they fulfilled their duty, they came back to the MDRSshire in Hobbiton to celebrate with mac and cheese, safe in the knowledge that the shadows are defeated for now.

Ad Astra!

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