Journalist Report Feb 19th

Crew 205 Crew Journalist Report 19-FEB-2019 Sol 9

Author: Maria Grulich

Title: “What Goes Up!”

Mars awaited our rising out of our crew quarters with beautiful sunshine through our windows. The smell of coffee was around the table while we prepared our breakfast: mainly oats and cereals.

The meal plan was already made by Hannah, our Chef de Cuisine: chocolate lava cake for tomorrow and salmon soup for lunch. The cake for today will be baked by Maria, and it is a German apple pie.

The crew’s commander is Ghanim, and as every day, he led us as we planned what we want to do. Therefore, people spread to do their tasks. Nathan and Dave’s second home became the science dome as they analyzed the newly found shell fossils and separated the rock samples to decide which ones are worth to bring back to Earth.

Natalia is working on guidelines for future crews. Crew 205 would like to give some help for future emerging space leaders.

Gus, our mascot, is still very active helping explain information about Mars and following crew members around. Maria made some progress with video editing and hopes to send out first videos by tomorrow. Veronica opened the first Mars gym in the downstairs area of the Hab so that crew members could work off the hushpuppies and Hannah’s amazing cooking in the last days.

Everyone is catching up on surveys.

Before the comms window Mars surprised us with one of its brightest Moons since we got here, it is glorious. Tomorrow will be another day on Mars and we can’t wait to discover more amazing DVD and CDs of the almost endless collection here in the Hab, we leave you with this title: “What goes up” Space, Trance, Transfusion.

Tomorrow a geographically inspired lava chocolate cake will await us! Ooh la la!

Ad Astra!

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