Journalist Report – February 22nd

Crew 205 Crew Journalist Report 22-FEB-2019 Sol 12

Author: Maria Grulich

Title: “I will survive with unreasonably sized pancakes”

Two weeks have passed. Two weeks of EVAs, laughter, intercultural conversations, puzzles and a lot of coffee and large pancake in American style.

The International Emerging Space Leaders Crew 205 finished the simulation at 1700 today.

What would you do on your last day on Mars? We actually used it to clean the hab. All Crew- Heinzelmännchen were busy vacuuming, mobbing, brushing or packing. As a reward we got mac and cheese cooked deliciously as always from Hannah. The crew journalist Maria also used the time to take the official crew pictures and finishing up the outreach project which will have its glorious premiere tonight exclusively for MDRS. The commander Natalia was busy reviewing and finalizing the mission summary. From 8 strangers who have barely met before we became a team and our friendships will survive past Mars.

The Hab is blinking and the outside is calling so at 1700 sharp the crew members went outside for a little walk around the Hab as far as the ground conditions allowed.

We’d just like to wish a final, special thanks to some of the great people and Martians that have helped us during our time here.

To Hannah, for keeping the crew incredibly well fed, reading an entire cookbook, and generally giving us all the soul and spirit to enjoy our time here to the fullest

To David and Atila for being our mysterious guardian angels, and always appearing out of the fog over the hills to fix the Hab when we couldn’t.

It was a great experience for everyone and we will always remember our two weeks on Mars.

We want to leave you with our favorite song:

I will survive….

Ad Astra!

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