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Crew 206 – 02/25/2019

Sol 1

Author : Auzou Benjamin, Journalist

Title : "Good Morning Mars !"

0847 : The airlock opens, and the crew 206 is in front of a whole new world to explore : Mars.

The marswalkers of the day, Jérémy, Cerise, Aurélien and Norbert leaved the Hab to explore the surroundings of the station and to find a proper place for the LOAC, an experiment we will deploy tomorrow.

But above all that was for three of them their first steps on the Red Planet. I think they’re better than me to describe the feelings they had when they touched the martian ground for the first time.

"This first EVA was a really special and exciting moment. Everything went good, and I just want to go again on EVA !" – Norbert

"I really felt like it was my first step on Mars, and it is an

amazing feeling." – Cerise

"This was an exiting moment. The team was super pro and it made the

experience amazing" – Aurélien

Before that, the morning was really busy. We woke up very early in order to begin the EVA at 0830 so that our 4 marswalkers avoid the mud. We beginned the day with a sport session and then we prepared our first martian pancakes to bear the morning’s program. I was among the

three members of the crew that followed the intense session, seven different exercices during fourteen minutes, it was hard, especially the push-ups. However it is important to stay active, and our daily performances are monitored by our Commander.

During the EVA, I was assigned by Norbert to take care of the Green Hab. That place is amazingly calm and peaceful. I watered all the plants : tomatoes, basil, cress, radishes; they need a lot of water, 8 liters this morning for the whole Green-Hab but they worth it !

Our Astronomer Aurélien started his first observations of the sun. This is primordial for us on Mars, without a decent atmosphere, the solar radiations are a serious danger !

Today was also the beginning for three experiments : Norbert’s radishes are now planted, Cerise took some samples of the drinking water and the whole crew spend fifteen minutes on our Virtual Reality experiment under a heart monitoring : half of us watching entertaining

videos and the other half as witness subjects.

The Hab is now our home, and we continue to make it better and ours. The main improvement of the day is a live plan of the sol displayed in the hab, detailling in real time the tasks for each of us, but also our data consumption.

After this day of hard work, we all need some time for us to rest and decompress. That’s why we chose to watch a movie together tonight : Le Grand Bazar by Les Charlots, a French comedy. That’s my suggestion, I’ll tell you tomorrow if everybody liked it.

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