Commander Report – November 25th

Astronomy Report, Sol 2

Name: Aurélien Mure

Crew: 206
Date: 02/25/2019


Solar Features Observed: None, no clouds visible but I was unable to focus on features, maybe because of the very low sun activtiy, tell me if I’m wrong.

Problems encountered : How do I move the telescope to be faced to the sun when the alignment is set ?

Hi Eric and Peter,
It was a long day of astronomy for me, I observed the sun, tried to work on my images of the crab nebula and planned the observation of M42 for tonight.
I have some questions to ask you :
– How can I use the hand control to move the solar telescope when it is focused on the sun and not well aligned ?
– Is it still normal that I can’t see any solar feature with any configuration of the telescope ?
I hope my first images will be great !

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