Greenhab Report – February 26th

Crew 206 Green Hab Report – 26-FEB-2019

GreenHab Officer: Norbert Pouzin

Environmental control: Heating and Cooling w/ ambient air (0 hrs)

Shade Cloth (40%)

Average temperatures:

Low: 15.9°C

High: 28.5°C

Hours of supplemental light: 5 Hours

Daily water usage for crops: 8.6 gallons

Water in Blue Tank: ~ 285.1 gallons

Crops watered at 0905 hours (2.2 gallons) and 1830 hours (6.4 gallons):


1) 09.05 AM 24.0° C / 26 %
2) 11.30 AM 24.2° C / 0 %
3) 15:00 PM 23.1° C / 0 %
4) 18:30 PM 21.6° C / 46 %

Changes to crops: I replanted some carrots, and a read leaf lettuce. I pulled out flowering greens.
Spinach and mustard, in the pots, are sprouting. Peas in the shelf still look bad (quite yellow) even with the daily use of Miracle Gro.

This morning I replanted some carrots from the blue gardener to pots, so they have more place to grow. A lot of carrots needs to be replanted, the blue gardener is quite full. I will do it in the next days. I also replanted a lettuce.
This afternoon I pulled up the flowering carrots and radishes. Total biomass weight : 22 g of carrots and 17 g of radishes.

To monitor the heat in the hab, I opened the door at 0900, and closed it at 1630.
At 1100 the heat increased (28°C), so I started the fan (from 1100 to 1130 and then from 1430 to 1500) to cool down the greenhab. It worked well, since the heat in the afternoon didn’t reached more than 26°C.

As asked, I changed the hours of supplemental light : the light is now on from 0500 to 0730, and from 1730 to 2200. So we will have 7 hours of supplemental light tomorrow. Tell me if it is too much !

I harvested lots of basil, parsley, and sage for a homemade pizza, by our chief Aurélien !

Harvest: 11.2 g basil, 3.0 g of lemon basil, 10.4 g of parsley and 1.4 g of sage. 39 g of Biomass (flowering plants).

Support/supplies needed: None.

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