Sol Summary – Jun 4th

Astronomy Refit Crew – Sol 2, June 4th, 2019

Crew: Peter Detterline

Gary Becker

Adam Jones

Peyton Zankel

Cole Armstrong

Narrative: Slower day at the Hab. Armstrong and I took a brief hike around the site before learning how to use the Musk Observatory. We went in alone so that the new user manual could be tested and we could each get a feel for it. Becker and Detterline worked on other projects today. Becker and Armstrong set up a new Bloomsky camera, and set up Becker’s telescope. Detterline and Jones fixed the weather station and replaced the batteries in the robotic observatory. Detterline also organized the robotic observatory.


Zankel and Armstrong took and processed their first solar images. See attachment.

Cables were changed in the Musk observatory for the new camera.

Adam Jones got the Davis weather station working with the computer in the robotic observatory. We now have a back-up weather station again.

Bloomsky is operating, see attachment.

Organized the robotic observatory.

Gary set up telescope mount for observing.


SOC = 94% at 8 PM


An antenna broke off the robotic observatory computer; a replacement part is being brought up by Ed Thomas in a few days.


“Sky Image” is from the Bloomsky camera. “Jones fixing the weather” is of Adam Jones working in the observatory, courteously provided by Peter Detterline. “SUN” is a solar image by Cole Armstrong with his use of the Musk Observatory. Finally, “Detterline with the Robotic Telescope” was taken by Adam Jones as they examined the equipment.

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