Sol Summary – October 28th


Summary Title: Touchdown on Mars

Author’s name: Guy Murphy

Mission Status: The crew woke up on Mars this morning, this being our first day in full simulation mode.

Sol Activity Summary: The morning was dedicated to preparing and commencing use of the radios, as well as other minor maintenance, cleaning and administrative tasks. In the afternoon our 5th crew member David Mateus arrived. Crew geologist Andrew Wheeler continued preparation of equipment for the micro-meteorite collection study. Three cooked meals were prepared today.

Look Ahead Plan: Our goal is to commence our EVA schedule tomorrow, with David Mateus leading us on our first EVAs to learn about the procedures and equipment.

Anomalies in work: Not all the radios were found to be working.

Weather: Very cold overnight, clear and sunny daytime sky.

Crew Physical Status: All crew in good health.

EVA: Not commenced today.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, EVA Requests (2), Journalists Report, Science Report, Days Photos, Crew Car Collection Report, Mission Patch.

Support Requested: New batteries were requested to supplement the existing limited supply of working batteries for future crews.

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