Science Report – Oct 31st

Crew 214 Science Report 31 October 2019
SOL: 4
Crew 214 – Expedition Boomerang Crew
Submitted by Science Officer Andrew Wheeler

Science Operations: The second of the scientific EVAs was scheduled for the morning work period. This involved driving to site #2 at Tank Wash and establishing a 100 square metre (100 1m x 1m plots) on a relatively undisturbed natural surface. During the 2 hour EVA, the outline of the grid was established and three east-west delineators positioned. The task is incomplete.

A secondary experiment involved testing the magnetism of material brought to the surface at an adjacent anthill. Though it was hypothesized that this material might contaminate the sample plots; there was zero evidence of magnetic material at the surface.

A tertiary experiment was conducted at the Cactus Road #1 site before the return to the hab. With line of sight communication possible, a heliograph was used to demonstrate an emergency communications method should voice contact fail. The demonstration was successful and video records collected.

Tabulation of the baseline food stock macro and micronutrients for the waste study was completed.

Closed Loop Food Waste Study: The day’s waste for Sol 4 is: 229 grams; consisting of 891calories, 15g fat, 9g saturated fat, 1533mg sodium, 126g carbohydrates, 8g fibre, 4g sugar, 42g protein. Waste was significantly larger due to bread production errors. Otherwise, less waste is generally produced at breakfast, with almost all occurring at lunch or dinner, depending on the type of food cooked. The majority is preparation waste with no spoilage waste to date and a small amount of plate waste.

Additional Activities: Reinforcing the coverings for the tunnels continued throughout the day as time became available.

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