Greenhab Report – Nov 24th

Crew 216 GreenHab – 24-NOV-2019
GreenHab Officer: Michael Ho

Environmental control: Door left open 12.40 pm, door closed 4.50 pm.

Average temperature: 24C

Hours of supplemental light: Automatic system

Daily water usage for crops: 16L (2 blue cans)
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: nil
Water in Blue Tank – enough
Time(s) of watering for crops: 12:40 pm; 4.50 pm

Changes to crops: 6 additional species planted as seed on 23/11, details listed below. 1 avocado seed planted today.

Summer shade cloth taken down, 50% shade cloth hung, green shelves rotated 90 degrees to a new position.

The following planted seeds have germinated as of today – oregano, chives, marjoram, lemon balm, basil, thyme, sage, coriander, carrots, radish, spinach (2 species), rocket, tomatoes (2 species), cucumber, onion, snow peas.

Established plants introduced 03/11/2019

[3x] strawberry plants (Everbearing), in a medium metal planter
[1x] spicy orange thyme (thymus fragantissimus), small terra-cotta pot
[1x] lemon balm scented geranium (pelargonium x Melissinum), small terra-cotta pot
[1x] Mint Mentha – Berries & Cream, small terra cotta pot
[1x] Pineapple Mint – mentha suaveolens variegated, small terra cotta pot
[1x] Ice plant – Delospermo ‘jewel of the desert garnet’, small terra cotta pot
[1x] Sempervium textorum assorted Hen & Chicks, small terra cotta pot
[1x] Rosemary ‘Barbecue’ (Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Barbecue’), large plastic pot
[1x] Rosemary ‘Spice Island’ Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Spice Island’, large plastic pot
[1x] mint, grapefruit, large plastic pot
[2x] small Aloe Vera, in a medium metal planter, frost-damaged (removed 1311219)

Seeds Planted 04/11/2019 (Large metal planting tub)
Greek Oregano – Origanum heracleoticum
Chives – Allium schoenoprasum
Sweet Marjoram – Origanum majorana
Lemon Balm – Melissa officinalis
Sage – Salvia Officinalis
Thai Basil – Siam Queen
German/Winter Thyme – Thymus vulgaris

Seeds Planted 10/11/2019 (Large metal planting tub)
Coriander – Coriandrum Sativum

Seeds Planted in12/11/2019 (2 smaller planting tubs)
Carrots ‘Purple Sun F1’
Radish ‘icicle’

Seeds Planted 13/11/2019
Perpetual Spinach, Rocket, Spinach ‘Lakeside F1’in medium metal planter.
Tomato (Chocolate Cherry) and Tomato Pole Roma in small pots for transplantation.

Seeds Planted 14/11/2019
Tomato (Chocolate Cherry) and Tomato Pole Roma in small pots for transplantation.
Onion (Evergreen White Bunching)
Cucumbers (Patio Snackers F1) in a hanging pot
Pepper (Mini Bell Color Mix) in small pots for transplantation.

Seeds Planted 15/11/2019
Acorn Pumpkin in a small pot for future transplantation. The seed taken from a pumpkin brought to the Hab at the start of rotation as a vegetable.
Snow Peas in 2 hanging pots.

Bulbs planted 19/11/2019
25 white Narcissus bulbs (Paperwhites ‘Ziva’)
Planted into 3 small terra cotta pots & 2 long planter boxes.

Seed planted 21/11/2019
1 apple seed (green apple) from fruit brought to the campus early in the mission.

Seeds Planted 22/11/2019
Snow Peas in 3 hanging pots.

Seeds Planted 23/11/2019
Zucchini in 2 large black pots
Chili Pepper ‘Shishito’ in 2 2 gallon black pots
Sweet Greenfield Pepper ‘California Wonder’ in 2 2 gallon black pots
Swiss Chard ‘Flamingo Pink’ in 4 2 gallon black pots

Seed Planted 24/11/2019
1 avocado seed in a small black pot

Three self-seeded tomato plants in large blue tub transplanted to 2-gallon pots


Partly used packed of seed have been stored in the provided tin to protect from vermin.

Harvest: None

Support/supplies needed: It would be desirable for more wire hanging points to be installed on the roof frame for white IKEA hanging pots.


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