EVA Report #2 – November 25th

Crew 216 EVA Report 25-Nov-2019
EVA # 02
Author: Whittle
Purpose of EVA: Collect gypsum samples from 1 sites iot produce plaster for research. Alexandrova to film.
Start time: 1400
End time: 1615

Narrative: Tested new comms on route out: much greater range, good comms with Hab to Cowboy Corner/Reservoir Dam. Retrieved gypsum samples from TW site and evaluated for future use/projects. Alexandrova collected lots of footage for documentary work. Cut EVA short due to approaching inclement weather, Martian dust storm began to hit just as crew arrived back at Hab and were plugging in rovers.

Destination: Tank Wash (TW) head

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS):
TW: 12 S 0517045 4253364.

Participants: Whittle, Kennedy, Alexandrova

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map:
1) Hab to 12 S 0518228 4253500 via Cow Dung Rd
2) Walk to/fm TW
3) Return to Hab via Cow Dung Rd
Mode of travel: Opportunity, Spirit

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