Greenhab Report – November 28th

Crew 216 GreenHab Report 28-NOV-19
Crew GreenHab Officer: Michael Ho

Environmental control: Door opened for ventilation at 12.05pm, closed at 5.30 pm.
Average temperature: 20C
Hours of supplemental light: Automatic system
Daily water usage for crops: 20L
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: nil
Water in Blue Tank – enough
Time(s) of watering for crops: 09.30 am; 4.40 pm.

(Established plants introduced since 03/11/2019 till 22/11/2019 please refer to Crew 215 GreenHab Report of 22/11/2019.)

Harvest: None
Support/supplies requested: None
The 3 white round trays of snow peas are now hanging nicely! Strawberry nearest the door seems to be in the poorest condition of the 3, while the one furthest from the door seems to be in the best. Am wondering whether the hot air from the heater is the cause. Am moving the long tray right in front of the door during door opening hours so that they enjoy the cool air during that time. Will monitor over the next few days.
Inventory of all pots of plantings done. Paper is on the table.

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