Journalist Report – November 29th

Crew 216 Journalist Report 29-NOV-19
Sol 5
Author: Evgenia Alexandrova

Do you believe in miracles? Yes or no? If you can’t answer straight to that, choose between these two options: most likely yes or most likely no? What you answer actually describes how much you trust life. I think coming to MDRS was a choice of faith. In return today, we were gratified with a real space miracle: snow on Mars. It was bewitching and relaxing to watch the snowflakes smash the window in the science dome. Most of us find it cozy and enjoyable staying indoors and meditate while the weather gets angry outside. This is interesting, because almost each crewmember describes himself as an “outdoor person”. So how come a bunch of intelligent, communicative, OUTDOOR people decided free willingly to isolate themselves in a 75m2 Hab? The answer was found: Mars is definitely outdoor to Earth and to us it means adventure. This is the best incentive.

The freshest poem from an anonymous crew member:

As we wait and look outside

And watch the storm without

The mix of snow and rain abide

And dark clouds hang about

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