Research Report – January 06th


Crew 219 Research Report 06-JAN-20
Crew Science Officer: Hannah Blackburn

1. Biometrics and Neurobehavioral Research

Sleep logs began today. Post-EVA biometrics were recorded.

2. UAV

Nothing to report.

3. Dust Mitigation for Optical Mirrors

A site was selected for the mirror to be placed (between the Musk Solar Observatory and the Robotic Observatory). The optics mount was assembled.

4. Astrophotography of Celestial Bodies

Submitted an observation of the Crab Nebula with MDRS 14. Hopefully we will have clear skies soon.

5. Remediation of Mars Regolith

Samples were collected on EVA 1 and 2.

6. Chemical and Mineralogical Composition of the MDRS Site

Crew members practiced using the geological sampling tool while taking samples for #5. Locations were selected for tomorrow’s EVAs (North Ridge and Kissing Camel).

7. Protocols for the Discovery of Life on Mars

Nothing to report.

Glassware check out:

For the duration of the mission, we will need 10 glass beakers (sizes between 200 and 500 ml) to dry regolith samples in the oven, and one glass pipette to measure BG11 media for the regolith remediation project.

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