Green Hab Report

Crew 219 GreenHab Report 11-JAN-20

Crew GreenHab Officer: Cynthia Montanez

Environmental control: Heating.

Shade cloth (40% and 30%) on.

Average temperature: 25.2 °C; 17.3 %

Average Max: 28 °C, 20.3%

Average Min: 19.8 °C, 16%

11:14 A.M.

Floor Unit: 20 °C

Electronic: 27.8 °C

humidity 16%

Max: 28.8 °C; 21%

Min: 17.8 °C; 16%

2:51 P.M.

Floor Unit: 14 °C

Electronic: 24.8 °C

humidity 18%

Max: 27.5 °C; 20%

Min: 20.9 °C; 16%

5:38 P.M.

Floor Unit: 14 °C

Electronic: 23.1 °C

humidity 18%

Max: 27.7 °C; 20%

Min: 20.7 °C; 16%

Hours of supplemental light: Light system 7:00PM-12:00AM.

Daily water usage for crops: 9.20 Gal.

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: N/A

Water in Blue Tank – ~179.45 Gal.

Time(s) of watering for crops:

11:14 A.M.


Change to crops: Acorn pumpkins are flowering and more sprouts are appearing on the cherry tomatoes.


1st sprouts: N/A

Harvest: N/A

Other: Today At 11:14 A.M. I fed the plants. Also, at 2:51 P.M., I saw that the spray helped in removing the gnats from the icicle radishes, but they made their way to the purple carrots. I sprayed the carrots with the same spray in attempts to kill the gnats. At 5:38 P.M. I went to check on the carrots and I saw no more gnats.

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