Sol Summary – January 12th

Crew 219 Sol Summary Report 12-01-2020

Sol: 7

Summary Title: Bacon, Burgers, Hawaiian Shirts and Mistaken Aces

Author’s name: Dave Masaitis

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Despite today being a DONSA (see yesterday’s Sol
Summary for definition), work did actually get done today. After a
breakfast of bacon and eggs, some crew members swept snow out of the
tunnels, while others swept and mopped mud from the Hab’s first floor.
A. Elnajdi performed some sample analysis in the Science Dome and R.
Raphael performed astronomic data reduction while H. Blackburn and C.
Montanez made bacon cheeseburgers and fresh salad with GreenHab greens
for lunch. Afterwards N. Hadland and R. Raphael simulated a dust storm
for our dust mitigation experiments, and others engaged in a lively
game of Rummy 500. C. Montanez took a victory, before the crew sat
down to finish reports and sip the world’s best chai tea, courtesy of
A. Elnajdi. The evening will hold a crew meeting to prepare for
tomorrow’s work, and then it’s back to business in the morning.

Look Ahead Plan: One EVA, continued sample analysis, and maintenance
if necessary

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Cold and overcast most of the day, with some sunshine in the
late afternoon

Crew Physical Status: Nominal



Reports to be filed:

Sol Summary

EVA Request #13

Operations Report

GreenHab Report

Research Report

Journalist’s Report

Astronomy Photos (ATTN: Dr. Zubrin)

Photos (Including Photo of the Day)

Support Requested:

– Refer to Operations Report

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