Journalist Report – January 13th



AUTHOR: Cynthia Montanez



As darkness began to fade this morning, a distant sound awakens Crew
219. Confused as to what the sound was, the HSO (Keith Crisman) found
the nearest radio and asked “Say again?” With a reply from Outpost
stating the low SOC percentage, Crew 219 finds themselves in safety
mode. While in safety mode, each crew member unplugged all their
devices and appliances within the station to conserve the remaining

At 10:00 A.M., LSO (Hannah Blackburn) and I decided to make the best
out of this situation by having a Martian Spa Day. After an hour of
detangling my curly hair, the LSO and I set up a mini station by the
airlock for their spa. The spa consisted of a detangling brush, Head
and Shoulder shampoo and conditioner, towel, and a dish bin filled
with warm water. It was an experience we both enjoyed. Not to mention,
the results that came from our Martian Spa was beautiful clean hair.

By about 11 am, Crew 219 was able to turn on their lights. With
everyone celebrating, I decided to head to the GreenHab for my first
temperature reading of the day and a quick watering. While watering,
the CO (Dave Masaitis) entered and assisted by transplanting some aloe
vera succulents and cucumbers. We spent time in the GreenHab
conversing about planting methods, future plans, etc. It was a brief
discussion, but it was one that brought us closer together.

As the rest of the day played out, while part of the crew was out on
EVA, the rest of crew 219 found ways to keep themselves busy by either
cooking, reading a good book, working in the lab, or conversing with
one another.

Overall, today was a good day on white Mars. 
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