EVA Report – January 14th

Crew 219 EVA Report 14-01-2020
EVA #14
Author: Dave Masaitis
Purpose of EVA: Geologic sample collection
Start time: 1259 hrs
End time: 1429 hrs
Narrative: EVA #14 departed the Hab on Spirit and Curiosity at 1259
hours and drove south on Cow Dung Road. The EVA team continued a
southward push for about 300 meters beyond Robert’s Rock Garden,
before parking the rovers and dismounting to proceed west on foot.
While the the team finished collecting equipment for sampling, D.
Masaitis summited a nearby hillside to gain a better visual
understanding of the local area. The EVA team then circumvented the
hill on its southern side and emerged into a open, flat plain. The
team discussed their view of the area and selected sampling sites. D.
Masaitis paced out the distance between the first five sampling sites,
and then K. Crisman and C. Montanez began collections while R. Raphael
photographed the collection sites. With the first five samples
collected, the team then investigated to more areas of interest
nearby, collecting another four additional samples. With sampling
complete, the team returned to the rovers and returned to the Hab,
arriving by 1429.
Destination: S. of Robert’s Rock Garden
Coordinates: 0518500/4248300
Participants: D. Masaitis (CO), K. Crisman (HSO), C. Montanez (GHO),
R. Raphael (ASTRO)
Roads and routes per MDRS Map: South on Cow Dung Rd. past Robert’s
Rock Garden, then west on foot.

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