Journalist Report – January 16th


AUTHOR: Keith Crisman

SOL 11


The beginning of the end… and rebirth. Last night, with little

the ceremony, roles among the crew shifted. As Crew 219’s mission begins

nearing its termination point they will begin to prepare the Hab for

the arrival of their replacement crew and transport back to Earth.

Further, training for ARES’ next season MDRS crew’s CO (C. Montanez,

current GHO) and XO (K. Crisman, current HSO) begins with a transfer

of titles from the current CO (D. Masaitis) and XO (N. Hadland). Our

new (acting) CO and XO are taking the reins with planning and

execution of duties and responsibilities of the roles they will

proudly inhabit next season. As such, in a combination of the end and

a new beginning; today marked the last day our crew held EVAs, the

very last of which was commanded by our (acting) CO and XO.

These EVAs were a slower pace, returning superfluous samples, giving the

crew time to slow down and reflect on the environment, landscape, and

the natural beauty of our Martian desert home. For some, they are ready

to go home, full of stories and experiences ready to share with their

family, friends, and peers. For others such as myself, despite the

short two-weeks stay, and badly missing my wife, daughter, and home

(not to mention a good steak, hot shower, and soft bed), I can’t help

but look out over the sheer beauty of this landscape. It may have

been a short stay, but this crew has become family, this desert has

become home, and although I am ready to leave, part of me will forever

stay here.

To my crew mates and those that follow our stories; Per Scientiam ad Martis, Semper Exploro! To Mars through Science, Always Exploring!

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