Sol Summary – January 21st

MDRS 220 Sol 2 Summary 21Jan2020

Summary Title: Powerless
Author’s name: Shawna Pandya, Commander
Mission Status: Super not nominal
Sol Activity Summary: The Crew faced a Mars first: both the generator failed while the solar panels failed to charge during the previous day, leading to the dreaded 0% State of Charge, putting the station in a state of emergency for 24+ hours. The crew rose admirably to the occasion, using flashlights, propane power and bringing water in manually to deal with the situation. With no power to charge the rovers, suits or radio comms, all EVAs for the day were unfortunately cancelled. Our science that required internet and/or power was similarly put on hold. Despite this the crew proved their mettle and why they are “Made for Mars” with the mental resilience and good spirits. The crew still maintained co-station briefs and activities with the MAU crew, including singing, dancing, guitar playing, and bonding in a “Mars Sharing Circle.”
Look Ahead Plan: The plan is to get the generator back online tomorrow, and spend the day getting the station comms, operations and science back online, with EVAs on hold until we are operational. Anomalies in work: No power, no back up power 🙁 | Water access and propane heater still functioning. 🙂
Weather: Snow fell in the morning. -4C low / 3C max, 0C average. Crew Physical Status: All watered and fed.
Reports to be filed:
Emergency reports only: Sol Summary, Ops/Engineering Report, GreenHab Report EVA Request: None until Generator back online.
Support Requested: Generator back pretty please <3

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