Commander Report – January 27th


Title: SurMAUnting Obstacles...

Author: Shawna Pandya, Commander

Once again, I am impressed with the mental aptitude and fortitude of my crew (as well as counterparts at MDRS station). To recap, we are at a skeleton crew over the next few sols as several of our crew remain in quarantine. Despite this, both crews have pulled together to work extremely hard at maintaining station operations, while furthering mission operations at the same time.

In the morning, we started with with a recap of the medical triage and assessment skills learned to date (METHANE, P-MARCH-P), and then expanded this skillbase to include a SAMPLE history and the secondary trauma survey. Next, we put these skills into practice into the field as we drilled a trauma scenario in front of the MDRS Hab over the course of two medical EVAs. These EVAs also saw the first field deployment of the Golden Bubble pressurized medevac device, and early demonstrations are both promising and gratifying.

Life on Mars, of course, is not without its challenges. The winds picked up considerably today, and we conducted two Engineering EVAs over the course of the day to fortify and secure MAU station from the elements. I need to commend XO Svensoy in particular for his diligence and perseverance in securing the crew quarters from the elements. His presence is a true asset to the station, and we are better off for having him.

To whatever adventures may come next...

Commander Pandya
Callsign: Nightowl
MAU Station
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