Science Report – January 27th


Crew 220 MAU Science Report 27Jan2020

Sol 8

Author: Shawna Pandya, Commander

We have been testing a portable vital sign sensor for obtaining biometrics throughout this mission and I am delighted to share that after several days of troubleshooting, the sensors are back online and gathering valuable data! These sensors have previously been tested underwater, in Antarctica and by NASA back on Earth, but this is the first time they have been tested on Mars!

In addition, we are conducting an EVA biometric wellness study, wherein we assess crew biometrics just before and after EVAs. We have gathered lots of good data so far and will continue to do so.

Tomorrow we will spend the day on geological science, briefing on soil sampling methods, then going out to collect soil samples on EVA, and finally analyzing our samples post EVA.

We are very lucky in that we share our studies with MDRS crew and we anticipate a lot of good data coming out of this mission.

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