Journalist Report – January 29th

Crew 220 MDRS Journalist Report 29JAN2020
Author: Morgan Kainu, Crew Journalist
Sol 10
Title: Destination Exploration

Body: Today marked the first day of the MAU Ambassador Program implementation. A crew member from MDRS was hosted at the MAU hab the previous night to learn from the MAU crew about internal operations as well as to stay the day and to participate with the MAU crew in an explorative extravehicular activity (EVA). This was the first EVA to leave directly from the MAU hab.
It was a mildly warm day, yet stunning red Martian day. It was perfect for exploring and admiring the landscape. The MAU crew and MDRS ambassador crew member together expressed their sentiments about the extreme beauty experienced on the EVA, reflecting in their mind’s eye. They also took this opportunity to share their photos from the day with the rest of the MDRS crew back at their hab.

Both crews had a special treat on the menu for dinner – one crew member cooked a special batch of Borscht for everyone. It was an incredible dish and a great opportunity to share our favorite dishes while on Mars. Following dinner, everyone came together for some down time before tucking in for the night at our respective habs.

Morgan Kainu, BA; MAU Journalist Crew 001

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