Sol Summary – January 30th

Crew 220 (MDRS) Sol Summary 30Jan2020

Sol: 11

Summary Title: Integration of Medical Assessments, Search and Rescue

Author’s name: Connie Delisle

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: The Crew rose at 07:00 to an intensive skyscape. The orange glow of the forever red dunes of Mars is a sight to always remember. After a light breakfast, the MDRS Crew began preparations for the morning Medical EVA (MEVA), starting with a rendezvous at the MAU station. Each station fielded its own team, meeting at MAU station to commence the MEVA. The Crews successfully met most of the MEVA objectives set by Commander Hanacek; namely to integrate medical assessment and Search and Rescue techniques and tools. Medical techniques drilled in previous MEVAs include: P-MARCH-P for primary trauma survey, Secondary Survey, and SAMPLE. The Golden Bubble and a semi-autonomous drone was slated for testing for the first time in the Mission with a view to obtaining comparative data concerning the challenges in rescue and medical assessments in ICE environments.

XO Wise remained at MDRS to allow time to focus solely on setting up a test MAU-MDRS WIFI connection which is part of the objectives set for this mission. Should connectivity be established it would represent another piece of the MAU Crew Lead’s vision clicking into place.

Look Ahead Plan: Sol 12. Additional training will be conducted tomorrow, in order to reinforce the medical and Search and Rescue (SAR) already delivered. In addition, a second attempt will be made to test the drone. The main objectives are to add this capability, test it, as well as drill and become more fluent with what has already been learned. The Crew will be asked to take mental note of the challenges in applying these well establish techniques in ICE conditions. This information can be fed back to the organizations and innovators that are designing technology and procedures for ICE environments.

We continue to receive top quality advice and guidance from CapComms and we really appreciate the kind comments and interest showed. As a final word, it was a pleasure and honor to Command MDRS; at the same time I was delighted to welcome back Commander Hanaceck to take command of MDRS late last night. I continue working with him to assure he is fully supported and up to speed as the overall Mission is quickly coming into its final few days.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Tonight’s low to -2 degrees (Celsius). Mostly sunny tomorrow with high cloud tomorrow with a high predicted to be 7 degrees Celsius night. Near zero percent perception forecast.

Crew Physical Status: All the Crew is good health, despite a very short night.

EVA: One morning three-hour EVA.

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Support Requested: Garbage pick up from the rear airlock would be very much appreciated.

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