Commander Report – January 31st

Crew 220 (MAU) Commander’s Report 31Jan2020

Author: Shawna Pandya, Commander

Title: Twelve we meet again…

Sol 12. Last day. Wow. Time flies here on Mars. The morning at MAU started with a breakfast with our visiting Ambassador, MDRS Engineer Wise, and myself and MAU Engineer Roberts had fruitful discussions on mission and station operations and logistics.

Before long, it was time for our joint search-and-rescue and medical simulation with MDRS Station. I genuinely enjoyed this experience as this was one of the rare EVAs in which I served has HabComm, which afforded me a birds-eye view of the crew’s movements in the simulation. Let me say, they made my job easy today, due to their admirable and competent performance in a complex scenario.

The afternoon was spent on end-of-mission and check-out duties, such as science and project summaries, cleaning and reports, with a view to squaring ourselves away in time for one last evening together tonight.

There is still so much to say, but sometimes brevity says it all. I have thoroughly enjoyed co-commanding this mission with MDRS Commander Hanacek, and learned something from every single member of this crew.

When you hear from me next, it will be from Earth. This is the end of one mission yes, but with the bonds formed here, I suspect we have also sown the seeds for many more adventures. I wonder what the future holds…

Until my next communication (from Earth!),

Commander Pandya
Callsign: Nightowl
MAU Station, Crew 220

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