EVA Report – January 31st

Crew 220 EVA Report 31JAN2020

EVA 12

Author: Johannes Svensoy, MD

Purpose of EVA: Joint Station-to-Station Medical EVA training

Start time: 09:00

End time: 12:00

Narrative: This is the second medical EVA where we integrated search and rescue (S&R) in austere environments, P-MARCH-P protocol, METHANE protocol, second survey assessment, and SAMPLE. This scenario integrated several simulated injured astronauts.

The EVA started with the MDRS crew members coming over to the MAU Station with the medical mannequin, EVA bag, First Aid kit, and Golden Bubble pressurized medevac device. The medical mannequin was placed at the first medical site just South of MAU Station at GPS 12s518124, 4250680. The EVA lead from MDRS was then informed about the simulated missing astronaut and possible injury. The team started S&R and localized the astronaut. EVA lead took the command post role, while the two medical personnel, one from each station, assessed the injured astronaut. A major Incident was declared with METHANE to both MDRS and MAU Station, then the Injured astronaut was transported in the Golden Bubble pressurized medevac device to the nearest station, MAU Station. Per the simulation, the EVA team was informed that the facilities were not suitable for assessing the patient, the decompression sequence was aborted, and the patient was evacuated quickly to MDRS via rover.

Arriving at MDRS there was a simulated rover accident with another victim. The first patient was decompressed in the airlock together with two other astronauts. The lower deck of MDRS was turned into a surgical bay for surgical interventions with the leg injury. The crew members inside then performed a secondary survey and SAMPLE history. The second simulated victim was assessed by the two medical officers, and then transported to the airlock for decompression.

The EVA ended at this point when all the astronauts and simulated injured astronauts were inside the Hab. The post-exercise debrief highlighted communication challenges, which are anticipated in larger incidents. Learning points also included how to divide the team during decompression of patients, and following the current state of the patient before and after decompression.

The crew performed admirably and demonstrated practical skills application of S&R skills, P-MARCH-P, METHANE, evacuation techniques, and secondary survey including a SAMPLE history. Except some initial communication challenges, everything went as planned. The crew returned in good health.

Destination: MDRS and MAU Station proximity

Coordinates: 4250050,518500

Participants: HabComm: Morgan. EVA Crew: John, Connie, Marufa, and Johannes.

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road 0110 between the MDRS and MAU Station.

Mode of travel: Mainly walking, but rovers used for transporting equipment and extraction of simulated injured astronaut.

Support Requested: No support requested during EVA.

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