EVA Report – April 20th

Crew 245 EVA Report 20-04-2021

EVA #9

Author: Crew Engineer Shravan Hariharan

Purpose of EVA: Conduct soil sampling for astrobiology and geology studies (site was used in prior astrobiology studies that we are conducting follow-ups to), as well as emergency shelter identification and planetary protection experiments. We want to return to an original location for repeat sampling.

Start time: 1210 MDT

End time: 1530 MDT

Narrative: The EVA this afternoon began slightly after the start of the approved EVA window, as the team implemented a higher level of instrument sterilization and general cleanliness as per the XO’s planetary protection protocols. After spending five minutes in the airlock, the EVA team proceeded to their vehicles; the Executive Officer drove the Perseverance rover with the Commander navigating, and the Crew Engineer followed closely behind in ATV 1. Starting charge on the rover was 100% with 203.5 hours, and the ATV required some choke before starting.

The EVA team proceeded north on Cow Dung Road for approximately 20 minutes, until Quarry Road was reached. Communications contact with the Hab was lost approximately 2 km North of the Hab, as was expected based on experience from past EVAs. The EVA team parked vehicles by the edge of the Special Region, and proceeded on foot into Lith Canyon. The team’s first goal was to evaluate an emergency shelter identified on EVA #3, by first identifying the emergency shelter using relative location descriptions (i.e nearby landmarks and the general appearance of the shelter), and then classifying the shelter based on its utility to future crews in emergency situations. The team successfully identified and evaluated the shelter, although it was observed that the relative directions were somewhat unclear and should be modified to include precise cardinal directions of nearby landmarks. The EVA team then collected three soil samples from the streambed leading into the canyon, and marked the locations of each sample. Prior to proceeding into the canyon, the EVA team identified a second emergency shelter, and evaluated this shelter using the same qualitative criteria.

The EVA team then proceeded to enter Lith Canyon in order to scout for additional soil sampling sites. Upon exploration of the canyon floor, the ground was found to be too rocky and hard for subsurface soil sampling, so the team took several pictures of/in the site prior to returning to the vehicles. The EVA team then returned to the vehicles, and proceeded to drive back to the Hab. The vehicles were parked at the Hab, with the Perseverance rover at 241.1 hours and 84% charge. The team entered the airlock after permission was granted from Hab, and after five minutes of pressurization, the Hab was entered and EVA suits were doffed.

Destination: Lith Canyon

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 12 S 0518243, UTM 4256030

Participants: Commander Dylan Dickstein, Executive Officer Shayna Hume, Crew Engineer Shravan Hariharan

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map:

· Departure Route: Hab à Road Entrance à Cow Dung Road à Quarry Road à Lith Canyon

· Return Route: Gateway to Lith à Quarry Road à Cow Dung Road à Road Entrance à Hab

Mode of travel: 1 Rover, 1 ATV

Shravan Hariharan, Crew Engineer
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