Journalist Report Oct 03rd

Crew 228 Journalist Report 03OCT2021

Author: Marufa Bhuiyan, Remote Crew Astronomer

Title: A mathematical poem on Mars and simulation of our mind


You are the M-STAR, Eon of our generation and messenger of peace

Please tell us your stories and dreams, and where you’d like to go next.

Is it the Moon or Mars or Earth bound again?

Towards the Andromeda or in a different galaxy far away…

Which galaxy would you like to reside in? Then please CONTACT 3021.


Maybe you will ‘time travel’ thousands of years

Please follow your “Imaginary time” at a 45 degree angle,

Carry your trinity in a style, or who knows you might fall into a beautiful Triangle.

If you could travel faster than lights, how old would you be?

You know they say “age” is just a number. Here’s a simple math, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28.

If you were sure of your immortality, would you live your life differently?


Mr. Robert Frost said long ago “The Prophets really Prophecy as Mystics,

the Commentators Merely by Statistics”

Wherever you want to go my friend, “May the Force be with You”.

When we see a ‘bright star’ every now and then,

And we have a moment to think, “we will think of you”.

Hopefully someday we meet on Earth

‘In between our dreams’ or, in an interstellar journey on my rocket ‘88!

Until then, please take good care of your health and be happy.


So, the relationship with Mr. ‘X’ which had begun like an opening to the heavens,

Had sizzled in the middle when I believed I had outsmarted the Gods,

finally ended with a rude Earth landing!

Back to Eden? Enjoy the speed of your journey.


Please remember, you are the chosen one, the best of the best,

“But you, children of space, restless in rest, you shall not be trapped nor tamed.”

When I was at MDRS in an analog astronaut training, oh it was not too long ago!

It was about our red planet, it was at the Mars Desert Research Station (#220) in 2020,

Now it seems so long ago!

At that time, I learned as a Crew Astronomer: “Please do not trigger others with your actions or words.”

and “Stay kind, it makes you beautiful.”

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