Sol Summary Report Oct 03rd

Crew 228 Sol Summary Report 03OCT2021

Sol: 6

Summary Title: Mid Way

Author’s name: David Laude XO/Crew Engineer

Mission Status: Going as planned.

Sol Activity Summary: We started the day with a simple cereal breakfast offered by Dave featuring the granola extracted from Dave’s personal supply ship yesterday at the end of EVA#4. Granola was missing in our food supply. After breakfast we discussed the day’s activities. Today is the least active of all so far and happens to coincide with today being Sunday. Water was delivered to the static tank. We quietly worked on our research projects and planned for tomorrow’s EVA including some ideas for a couple more. A terrific hot potato casserole lunch was prepared and served by Jin. At lunch we watched an episode of "Moon Base 8". It’s a comedy regarding a moon base analog in Arizona that looks generally like MDRS. This episode focused on running out of water and a deadly attempt to remedy the situation by a crew member digging a well and falling into a cave-in. About 10 radios were tested for functionality and battery condition. One or two suspect radios and a failed battery were identified. A few more of both will be tested in the next few days.

Look Ahead Plan: EVA tomorrow morning. Ongoing research project work at hab.

Anomalies in work: None.

Weather: Warm (80F) and sunny. No Storms.


Crew Physical Status: All crew nominal.

EVA: None today.

Reports to be filed: Science, Journalist, Crew Photos, EVA request and this Sol Summary

Support Requested: None.

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