Crew 239 Journalist Report for November 10th

Journalist Report 10 Nov 2021

By Emily Milne

MDRS Crew 239 Sol 3 (11/10/2021):

We began our morning with a breakfast of oatmeal, Cliff bars, tea, and coffee before our 1000 EVA. The EVA was a return to rover training by Kissing Camel Ridge and consisted of team leader GHO Cynthia Montanez, HSO Emily Milne, and ENG Aidan Moga. ENG Moga took samples for analysis in his spectrometer to find potential landing sites. Upon returning at 1202 CO Crisman made jambalaya for Lunch, GHO Montanez transplanted and watered the plants, ENG Moga utilized the spectrometer, and the rest of the crew worked on individual research. HSO Milne cooked pasta with gravy for dinner using tomato powder, tomato chunks, onion, and pork sausage. After eating, the crew watched “The Thing” before retiring for the night.

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