Crew Photos – January 4th

Good evening/morning CAMPCOM,

Apologies for the belated submission of our Daily Photos for SOL 1.

We were wrapping up our training, filing reports, and getting through outstanding tasks of our own, due prior to the start of our Sim in a few hours.

Here are our 7 photos from SOL 1, all taken in and around the Hab.

The Photo of the Day is captioned "SOL 1 was a Pre-Sim day at MDRS238".

We’re starting low-key, but since it’s day 1, we thought we’d send you a couple of freebies too — our official crew portraits in both "Explorer Mode" and "Cool Mode."

You may also have noticed our little stowaway, nabbed last night after a dinner-time raid of our staterooms. She was a little scared, but by the AM had grown fond of us (maybe?) and we had grown fond of her. We named her Alice, fed her some oatmeal for the road, then dropped her off beyond the property limits just before sunset. It was kinda cute.

Please let me know if the submission formats are not appropriate, and I’ll be happy to correct.

To be continued at sign-off tomorrow.


P.J. Marcellino


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