EVA Report – January 8th

EVA # 7

Author: P.J. Marcellino

Purpose of EVA: Drawing of a labyrinth in the dirt in front of the
hab, under guidance from Master Gardener, Psychotherapist, and
certified Labyrinth Society member GHO Sandor.

Start time: 12:30:00 PM MST

End time: 01: 45:00 PM MST

Narrative: GHO Sandor conducted a mid-mission mindfulness
and wellness activity with the entire crew, starting with an attempted
drawing of a labyrinth with two crew members. Initially planned for close
to the Galileo Road intersection, we were informed by the Director that no
markings could be added to the landscape in BLM land. The Director
suggested the terrain in front of the Hab, but this turned out to be extremely
hard ground, and the drawing of the labyrinth was unsuccessful.

Destination: In front of the MDRS front airlock

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 4250500 by 518250

Participants: GHO Sandor (lead), HSO Turner, ART Pokrywka

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: None

Mode of travel: By foot

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