Journalist Report

Journalist Report 27Jan2022
Maria Paula Bustos
Green-hab officer/ Crew Geologist Crew 226

Today was a very unique day on Mars. We had a sleepover in the attic of the hab, we all slept together as if we were friends from many years ago. We are always laughing and laughing, and that’s starting to scare me because I feel I will miss all of them so much when I come back to Earth. We all live in different countries and I know we are not going to meet in years. I have not ended my mission on Mars and I’m already starting to feel the melancholia of missing my crew.

While the rest of the crew had breakfast, I watered all the plants in the green-hab. I love these plants so much.. Yesterday I planted a lot of them and some are already growing, they are so small and cute. I will miss them so much!

After breakfast, came the most exciting part of the day: EVA! I went out with Cristian and Carlos to analyze some geological outcrops at Phobos Peak. We arrived at our destination by walking. We walked for more than two hours while singing a lot of songs (Sorry Commander Yael, Crew Scientist Felipe, Atila and Sebastián for hogging the radios with our terrible singing).

The wind during the EVA was so strong that we all had a hunch that something bad would happen… and guess what? It happened.

The station ran out of power while we were watching Shrek. We felt as if we were on Mars, it was the moment at which I felt maximum vulnerability! We started to store water and pack our basic things in case we needed to leave the station. Fortunately, the power came back just after dusk and we were able to remain at the Hab. I’m so happy about this because I’ll be able to go out tonight and stargaze.

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