Sol Summary – January 31st

Sol Activity Summary: Morning was spent with Atila, finalizing the steps required for us to safely and confidently perform EVAs. Following a very substantial lunch, we took our final pictures outside and entered sim mid-afternoon. During the following time, we continued setting up various science experiments and began getting used to life in sim.

Look Ahead Plan: Planning for and performing our first EVAs in order to get our footing outside.

Anomalies in work: Nothing of note.

Weather: Slightly overcast, biting cold in the morning.

Crew Physical Status: No health issues, a little fatigue for some

EVA: None performed besides outside training with Atila

Reports to be filed: Operations Report, Health and Safety Officer’s report (with temperatures), Pictures, Journalist’s report, Sol Summary, EVA requests (2 if possible)

Support Requested: We have taken pictures of the visible insulation mentioned previously and can supply them if need be.

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