Sol Summary – Feb 6th

Crew 240 Sol Summary Report 06Feb2022

Sol: 6

Summary Title: A well deserved rest

Author’s name: Clément Plagne

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: All of us slept in except myself, who woke up at 5am to take advantage of the night’s extra data to download data for Maxime’s remote astronomy observations. Fortunately for me, I went right back to sleep for a couple of hours. Unfortunately for Maxime, the literal gigabytes of data we’d accumulated were of no use, as the telescope had issues and only recorded noise. It was with great luck that he at least managed to catch a few images of the Sun during the day while the Musk telescope was pointed the right way.

Days are seldom fully idle however, and we still got a small routine EVA done for battery change, finally achieved or first 3D printed objects, and a part of the crew spent the afternoon doing questionnaires and tests for the work we do with two French universities. Nevertheless, it was still overall a fairly relaxing day, and we’re looking forward to pizza night for dinner.

Look Ahead Plan: Pizza night for dinner. (also, using the 3D printed piece for the water recycling and printing new pieces that we had in our backlog). Scheduling some remote astronomy observations that will hopefully function well.

Anomalies in work: Issues with the remote observations made at the observatory in New Mexico – of 6 observations made, none of them had functional data, possibly owing to an issue with the dome or the sensors.

Weather: Fair.

Crew Physical Status: A crewmember had a fall in the stairs between lower and upper deck, and got away with some bruises and pain but nothing major, very fortunately.

EVA: One, very efficient, only to switch batteries on an atmospheric science instrument.

Reports to be filed: Astronomy report, Science Report, EVA Report, EVA request, Operations Report, HSO Report, Sol Summary, Journalist Report, Crew Photos

Support Requested: None

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