EVA Report_1 – February 25th

Crew 263 EVA Report_1 25-02-2022

EVA # 5

Author: Mathéo Fouchet

Purpose of EVA: Augmented Reality application testing to map MDRS, Battery replacement for atmospheric experiment, Search and Rescue exercise with Drone within a 1 mile radius.

Start time: 8:08

End time: 10:01

Narrative: We checked the rover batteries (all full), and the Red team left with Opportunity to reach our atmospheric experiment. During this time the Blue team was mapping the station with Hololens. There was a problem with this experiment because we were not able to see the way points put with the Hololens. In addition, we forgot a cable to plug the LOAC (Light Optical Aerosol Counter) on the battery. Thus, when the Blue team finished the Augmented Reality experiment , they had to wait for the depressurisation of the airlock and got the missing cable at 8:30. The Blue team then joined the Red team at the atmospheric experiment with Curiosity at 8:34. All the Atmospheric experiments were then set up and working correctly.

To implement the Search and Rescue with Drone experiment, the Red team left at 8:39 with Opportunity (97% battery) and stopped at 8:42 (87% battery) near North Ridge while the Blue team was waiting at the atmospheric experiment. Then, the Red team walked to reach the north of North Ridge. At 8:56, the Blue team took the Curiosity Rover (98% battery) and stopped behind the Red team’s rover at 9:04 (86% battery for curiosity at this time). The drone was launched at 9:08 and the thermal camera was turned on in order to look for the Red team. The Red team was spotted only 2 minutes after the launch. The Blue team then used the drone to find the easiest way to reach the Red team and both teams gathered at 9:29.

We finally reached the rovers at 9:48 and reached the Hab at 10:01.

Destination: Around the Hab, Intersection between Entrance Road and Cow Dung Road, and North Ridge

Coordinates (use UTM NAD27 CONUS): 518250 E, 4250750 N; 518288E, 4250586N; 518500E, 4251800N

Participants: Valentine Bourgeois,Mathéo Fouchet, Nicolas Wattelle, Elena Lopez-Contreras.

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Entrance Road, Cow Dung Road.

Mode of travel: Foot, Rover

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