Sol Summary March 29th

Crew 227 Commander Report 29th March 2022

SOL: 2

Name of person filing report: Cyril Wain

Today was our first complete day without any contact with the external world. We can say that the simulation really started today.

We all woke up around 07h30 and we had breakfast at 08h00.
Ignacio, Sirga, Cheyenne and I did our first night with the polysomnographs. None of us have been bothered by it during the night, however removing all the sensors in our hairs and faces was a bit less fun. On the other side, the first results are already quite impressive!

This breakfast (8h00-8h45) was part of the experiment of Sirga. For a part of the team, it was not so easy but, at the end, everyone played the game without any questions. I am very proud of the crew for that point, each crew member is participating in all the different experiments with real interest and implication. During that breakfast, we also participated in the experiment of Jean which is taking some samples to get a look to the variations in our metabolism.
Finally, it is at that time that we were told that the EVA of the day was cancelled due to the bad weather. The team was a bit disappointed but took this information with a lot of professionalism.

Between 10h00 and 12h00, except Cheyenne who was performing some work for her experiment, we all participated in the experiment of Julie. First, we did the learning session and then Julie did a demonstration. The goal of this experiment is to allow anyone (not a medic) to be able to repair a broken leg (of a crew member that was hurt on EVA for example) with an innovative device. Now that we all have been formed, Julie will prepare some critical situations in which some of us will be asked to repair a fake leg. Everyone seems really excited by this experiment!

Between 12h20 and 13h20 we had lunch time. Today, it was soup with homemade bread that Julien did during the night. The bread was so good! I have to say that now we are all happy with not so much regarding food.

After lunch, Julie already simulated a critical situation: Julien, Audrey, Jean and Sirga were involved. At the same time, Ignacio and I worked on our experiments.

Around 16h00, we all worked on our reports.

Between 17h00 and 18h00 we did a second experiment with Julien but this time with Ignacio, Jean, Sirga and I. While we were doing this, Cheyenne continued her experiment in the greenlab. Julien and Audrey monitored our pictures.

Regarding the station, everything is functional.
We are just missing some trash bags and 2 of the 4 hot plates have damaged buttons. Ignacio is working to print a solution with the 3D printer.

Regarding the weather, the wind was less strong that yesterday, but we had some rain in the morning.

The team is really motivated and conscient of the opportunity they have while performing this simulation. All the experiments are starting as expected and we can expect to get amazing results if we keep that trend. The mood in the team couldn’t be better for now. We are all looking for tomorrow to perform our second real EVA.

This is it for today.

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